Being able to learn through the arts provides opportunities to improve their visual learning capabilities.



The Creative arts allow children to express themselves by creating a sense of innovation that they will carry throughout their lives.



Allowing children to express themselves through art helps them to learn how to take risks, interpret, criticize and use visualize information.

About Art Squared

Art Squared helps naturally artistic children tailor their skills as artists, who wouldn't be able to otherwise due to their home situations. Art Squared also helps provide free art education to schools who are in need of funding to provide art programs.

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Our mission is to help children reach their full potential through art exploration.

Art Squared started with a heartfelt question from an 8-year-old little girl with a really big heart

“Art is not what YOU see, but what you make OTHERS see.”

-Edgar Degas

Our Programs

Our programs were developed to deliver the best resources to encourage, motivate, and grow the love of art in each child in a way that makes learning fun and exciting.

Art Afterschool

Art enrichment for afterschool students

Artist Market

Meet and purchase products created by art students


Art camps held during school holidays

Art Outreach

Assists in providing art supplies and funding to underserved schools

"Sculpting a child's future of creativity most important work of art" -Hannah Z.

Your generous donation will help to create art exploration in all children.

How Students Feel About Art

Art is important to me because it helps me because I was mad and art calms me.


age 8
I admire art and to whomever is reading this. I hope you admire art too!


Age 10
What I like about art is I like to close my eyes and draw what i dream


age 8

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Join over 800 worldwide volunteers in our mission to bring art to every child

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Picasso