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Art Squared started with a question: How can I help children who don't have any money learn about art?

That was one of many questions asked by an 8-year-old little girl with pigtails and a really big heart. Hannah Zirnelle Walton had seen and heard children of all ages express how their parents could not afford to pay for art lessons despite so many of these children had natural artistic talent. Little Hannah did not think that was fair, so she decided to do something about it.

On December


Hannah called a meeting at her home with the mayor, city leaders, adults artist, as well as art teachers, school superintendent, and the local newspaper. Hannah presented all in attendance to plan to launch Art Squared. Fast forward 8 years and Art Squared has touched the lives of almost 32,000 children in schools all over the world. Art Squared's founder, now 16, and affectionally known worldwide as Hannah Z. is still tirelessly advocating for free art education. She has received many commendations from not only members of local communities but also special commendations from Mayors, Governor's and the state as well as the US state.

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