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Artist Market

The Artist Market is normally held 4 times a year (seasonal) and is where you get to meet and purchase products made by art students.  This helps create art awareness, builds young artist’s self-esteem, and teaches them people skills and how to run a business.
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Art Afterschool

Art Afterschool provides art enrichment for afterschool students for four weeks.  It also provides a safe learning environment for children to enhance their love fo art.
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SatArtDays provide free art and craft classes that promote family time. SatArtDays are usually held at the end every month, sponsored by a local art-loving business.
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Artcation provides art during the school holidays that provide unique art education from different artist and volunteers.
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Art Outreach

Art Outreach works with schools without funding for art programs.  Art Squared provides help through workshops for school staff on working with artistic students and helps procure funding for art programs for the school through special events as well as providing speaking engagements to promote free art education awareness.